IoT and intelligent systems

We develop and design intelligent sensors integrated device networks and integrated cloud solutions. We have been working with some of the niche device manufacturers and software development companies to help them to produce the right solutions in intelligent and economic ways.
Our expert team has years of experience in working with complex network systems like cloud connected measurement and notification devices, multi-node master-slave systems and back-end server solution development.
We have developed decision support systems for our customers using real time data from such complicated systems.

What we do

  • Develop cloud based application suites to interface with systems.
  • Develop admin consoles to configure and manage devices.
  • Develop decision support systems on the basis of collected data.
  • Do data mining and analytic.
  • Develop test suites for in-house system validation and verification.
  • Liaison with hardware and firmware development partners to develop the right solution.
  • Provide on-field support for deployments as per agreement.

Technical coverage 

  • Data ingestion tier development to get data from device end points.
  • Analytic tier development for data processing.
  • Application tier development for client side logic and presentation.
  • Algorithmic decision support system and information flow presentation.
  • Custom test framework development for test cases automation.
  • Technology and framework: .Net, C++, Java, Scala, RoR, PHP, JS, AJAX, CSS, HTML5, Sencha etc.

Customized solution proposals can be provided as per requirements. Please contact us for detailed discussions.