Messaging and Collaboration

Crystologic has extensive expertise in dealing with messaging infrastructures, deployments and their integration with other systems. We have helped many customers to develop custom solutions to leverage the existing messaging infrastructure. We provide solutions to make different systems work together with connectors and middle-ware components.
Our complex data processing capabilities allows customers to convert and migrate data to different platforms, run processes to extract data from different messaging sources, extract the critical information and serve the internal and external stakeholders in much informed way.

We have deep technical expertise in working with Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Novell and other open source systems. Our extensive capabilities to process the email, contacts and calendar data enables us to develop custom solutions and services for organizational needs.

What we do

  • Help to deploy and maintain complete messaging infrastructure for professional editions e.g. MS-Exchange, IBM Domino, Novell GroupWise and open integrated solutions including LDAP servers, MTA, Indexing servers, anti-virus, spam engines, chat servers and other components.
  • Develop solutions to extract messaging data (email, appointments, contacts, filters, rules and much more).
  • Develop solutions to convert data in 3rd party server or software understandable format.
  • Develop connectors to integrate with messaging systems.
  • Migrate data from one vendor to another vendor messaging infrastructure.
  • Messaging systems integration with 3rd party software and servers.
  • Mobile app development or integration with standard client using EWS.
  • Messaging infrastructure administration.
  • Quality engineering and assurance, manual testing and test automation.
  • Level-2 and level-3 support.

Technical coverage

  • Microsoft messaging API (MAPI), Outlook Object Model (OOM), CDO, messaging providers.
  • Lotus Notes integration and data processing using native APIs.
  • Groupwise integration and data processing using native APIs.
  • Data retrieval using IMAP, POP protocols and processing.
  • Messaging archives  (pst, nsf, flat files) data extraction.
  • Calendar data processing and conversions.
  • Contact data processing and conversions.
  • Task, journal and rules processing.
  • Custom messaging API development.
  • Open source components integration, development and configurations.
  • Custom admin/config console development.
  • Custom test framework development using native APIs in C/C++/Java/Perl/Scala/etc.