Crystologic provides expertise in following technologies for development, testing, sustaining and support activities:

Windows based development

  • Win32, MFC and .Net applications
  • ASP.Net, C#, C++, MVC
  • Windows messaging and MAPI integrations
  • Web applications
  • Communication drivers
  • Database applications
  • Others
Unix based development

  • Java/C++ based back-end services
  • Python, Scala, Ruby, RoR, PHP
  • Web applications
  • Server management and configuration Tools
  • Others

  • *nix server deployments and sustenance
  • Upgrades, Patching and Optimizations
  • Release management
  • Messaging Server deployments and maintenance
  • LDAP deployments and maintenance
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Others
Quality Engineering

  • Automation Frameworks
  • Custom Framework design
  • UI/Backend testing
  • SOAP/REST based testing
  • Commercial test tools scripting
  • Server load/performance testing
  • Manual testing
  • Others
Open Source

  • Content Management Systems
  • Bug tracking systems
  • Version management systems
  • Open source messaging integration
  • Web servers
  • Database
 Project Management

  • Help to implement and improve industry standard processes and practices
  • Integrated project management with industry standard tools
  • Active and integrated participation with stakeholders
  • Agile project management